The Serpent Luxury Limo Party Bus

Due to the huge popularity of the our amazing OMG, we set out to build a mega bus that could carry a ton of passengers, yet maneuver the streets of St. Louis AND keep everyone together. The answer was an articulated or “bendy” bus. We proudly present the Serpent Luxury Ultra Mega Limo Party Bus. Converted by the same company that built our Ultimate Extreme bus, this high end limo party bus has to be seen to be believed! It is 60 feet long and can bend around corners. It is completely open between the front and back sections. This is the coolest bus we have ever seen!

This bus is so big, we have to obtain a special permit every time it goes to Missouri.  Even though we are a Missouri Company, with Missouri license plates, Missouri operating authority (and Federal Interstate Authority), we pay Missouri personal property tax,  file and pay Missouri IFTA fuel taxes and also pay for permits every week, we still are limited in Missouri to the City of St Louis and unable to utilize much safer Missouri Interstates.  Illinois laws have already been updated so we can operate almost anywhere in Illinois.

UPDATE!   With the help and cooperation of the Missouri Legislature, we have successfully changed the law in Missouri!  Missouri Senate Bill 225 was signed into law by the Governor on June 29, 2017.  Articulated buses are extremely maneuverable, safe and can comfortably carrier a large number of passengers.  They can be found in most major cities and continue to grow in popularity.  We are proud to be on the cutting edge of innovation and offer vehicles you simply can’t find anywhere else.  We appreciate your patience during this temporary inconvenience and thank our legislature for fixing this law!

In addition to air conditioning, we added a custom stereo with multiple subs, tuner, CD, DVD, flat screen TVs, Bluetooth and iPod connection, Fiber optic and LED lighting, multiple “structural support poles”, laser light shows, fog machine, stand behind serving bar, coolers throughout and an on-board flush lavatory for the ultimate in convenience. You really have to see this bus to believe it!