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Wild Wild West Western Themed Party Bus
Western Limo Bus Interior - All About Yo

Wild Wild West, Western Themed Party Bus 

You’ll like it! You’ll love it! You’ll want some more of it! The Wild West is a party-bus that could inspire a hit country song!


But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a famous musician to afford it.


A hallmark vehicle in our value fleet, this bus delivers. An exterior bull horn and lighted steer skull guarantees you’ll be noticed. The rustic-chic interior and western amenities assure a fun time.


Book the Wild West and enjoy a ride that offers air conditioning, state-of-art sound technologies, laser/dance/ and ambient lighting options, onboard lavatory, and RIDE ON VIBRATING SADDLE (we’ll let your imagination take it from here!)

Prices are all-inclusive for 4-hours, including minimum gratuity. Rates subject to change until booking. Additional hours can be purchased for a fee.

PEAK Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM


OFF PEAK - All Other Times 


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